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Tips to Open a Rusty Key Lock— by Paramus locksmith
Like any other metal, locks too get corroded when left outdoors or exposed to high humidity. Once a lock develops rust or corrosion, it obstructs the mechanism of the lock from turning thus making it difficult to operate the lock with its key. Paramus locksmith asserts that though a corroded lock seems unrecoverable, certain effective tips may help you open the lock; however, you should keep in mind that it takes loads of patience to open a rusty lock.  In this article, Paramus locksmith shares some important tips to fix rusted locks.

  • Spray Some Penetrating Oil: Paramus locksmith suggests that you should use a good penetrating oil to coat the rusty lock evenly. Paramus locksmith asserts that you can purchase good penetrating oil from any hardware shop or drug stores. Paramus locksmith states that high quality penetrating oil helps the lock to remove the accumulated rust.

  • Allow the oil to sit in the lock: According to Paramus locksmith, after spraying a good amount of penetrating oil on the bolting apparatus and into the keyhole, you should allow the oil to set for some time. Paramus locksmith opines that ideally you should allow it to sit on the rusty lock for minimum half an hour. However, depending on the extent of the rust, you might need to allow the oil to sit on the lock for more than 30 minutes.  

  • Use the key to loosen the rust: Paramus locksmith states that once the penetrating oil sits evenly on the internal parts of the lock, you should wipe up the excess oil and smoothly insert the key into the keyhole. Next step suggested by Paramus locksmith is to twist the key to and fro in order to break off the accumulated rust.

  • Use a cotton swab to clean the rust: Paramus locksmith suggests that the next step is to take out the key and clean the corrosion inside the keyhole by inserting a cotton swab. Once you clean the inside of the keyhole, you should try to open the lock again by inserting the key.

Paramus locksmith suggests that you should keep repeating the above mentioned steps till you succeed in opening the lock. According to Paramus locksmith, once you succeed in opening the lock, you should spray some silicon spray inside the lock to prevent it from getting corroded again.
Paramus locksmith suggests that if the above mentioned tips do not help you open a rusted key lock, you should take the assistance of a professional locksmith.

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